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A4988 Stepper Motor Driver – 2A

This module is based upon the Allegro A4988 stepper motor driver and is ideal for use in 3D printer, CNC, and other applications where precise control of a stepper motor is required. Its pinnout is compatible with the StepStick design. This module can be used on its own (controlled by a microcontroller), or used with a RepRap compatible RAMPS shields and CNC Shields.

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Minimum operating voltage 8 V
Maximum operating voltage 35 V
Continuous current per phase 1 A
Maximum current per phase 2 A
Minimum logic voltage 3 V
Maximum logic voltage 5.5 V
Microstep resolution full, 1/2, 1/4, 1/8 and 1/16
Reverse voltage protection? No
Dimensions 15.5 × 20.5 mm (0.6″ × 0.8″)


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