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R385 Mini Aquarium Water Pump, 6-12Vdc

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– Pump Size: 90 mm * 40 mm * 35 mm
– Weight: 106g
– Working voltage: DC12V
– working current: 0.5-0.7A
– Empty load current: 0.18A
– Max suction: 2m
– Outlet diameter: diameter 6 mm, an outer diameter of 9 mm
– Traffic: 1.5-2L / Min (approx), the maximum suction: 2 meters
– Lift : Vertical up to 3 meters
– Life: up to 2500H, water temperature: up to 80 degrees
– when Voltage 6V : power is 6W / H, 6-12v..5w – 10w
– installation steps as the picture

-household appliances, drinking water equipment, tea sets, coffee machine, coke, fruit juice machine,
milk machine, dishwashers, disinfection machine
-aquarium equipment, bonsai
-electronic equipment, medical apparatus and instruments
-spraying equipment, spray device, electric sprayer
-water treatment equipment, purification equipment, filter, cooling equipment, cleaning equipment
-ships, yachts, water desalination, vehicles, bath, toilet, health, environmental protection, etc

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1x pump


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