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MQ-4 Gas Sensor Module “Natural Gas ,Coal CO & Methane Detection

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Name:MQ-4 natural gas,Methane Sensor Module
Detection range: 300 to 10000 PPMM
Characteristics of gas: 5000 PPMM methane
Sensitivity: R in air/Rin typical gas >=5
Sensitive resistance: 1k ohm to 20k ohm in 5000PPM methane
Response time: <=10s Recovery time: <=30s Heat resistance: 31ohm +/- 3ohm The heating current: <=180mA The heating voltage: 5.0V +/- 0.2V Heating power: <=900mW Measure the voltage: <=24V Working conditions: Ambient temperature: -20℃ ~ + 55℃ Humidity: <=95%RH


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