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Micro Drill Bit Set For CNC Size 0.3:1.2mm

PCB Micro drill Bit for CNC “Carbide Material”

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Diameter: 3.175mm Length: 9.5mm (With Plastic Ring)

Working Materials of PCB Tools:

Precision machining on PCB, CNC Mould, stainless­steel, copper, plastic, etc.
PCB, normal FR­4, CEM­3 boards, environmental protection board, SMT, CNC, molds, plastics, stainless steel and precision hardware processing.
Circuit board, carbon fiberglass, composite board, epoxy board, MDF wood and so on.
PCB Bit Features:

High ­quality ultrafine grain tungsten carbide steel bar, precision produced by high accurate equipment.
Good cutting machining performance, ensuring high efficiency & speedy.
Good hardness, wear­resistant ability, and intensity , anti­bending.
Sharp cutting edge, reduce cutting force, lower breaking rate and improve the quality of hole wall.
Symmetrical cutting blade, help to high effective cutting, avoiding drilling offset.


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